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Essential Question #1 - Safe & Effective Learning Environment-Yr 1 ILP#1
1. How do I create safe, effective, and inclusive learning communities?
Individual Learning Plan and Inquiry Components
2.2 Creating physical or virtual learning environment that promote student learning, reflect diversity, and encourage constructive and productive interaction among students
Continuum of Teaching Practice
2.6 Employing classroom routines, procedures, norms, and support for positive behavior to ensure a climate in which all students can learn.
2.1 Promoting social and development and responsibility within a caring community where each student is treated fairly and respectfully
2.3 Establishing and maintaining learning environments that are physically, intellectually, and emotionally safe
2.4 Creating rigorous learning environment with high expectations and appropriate support for all students
2.5 Developing, communicating, and maintaining high standards for individual and group behavior